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Im back! First and foremost I want to apologize for being MIA for 8 months, and the abrupt hiatus I took from Road to Recovery. These last 8 months have been hectic, brutal, scary, and overwhelming. I decided to take a break from my blog, unintentionally. I have been focusing on my school career, my new job as a CNA, and my personal life over the course of my break. I have been working on some things recently and things are beginning to look up and get back on track. This is just an update before I publish a new post, I felt you all deserved that, at least.

Today I published my first podcast episode on my new podcast titled Mentally!! Mentally is a rebranding, almost, of road to recovery. My blog and podcast are relatively the same, I just felt I could go into more depth with a podcast, whereas, I could not do that in a blog without making it ridiculously long. Mentally is surrounding mental health and mental illness and I am so very excited to share my new podcast with you all. I got off track, and had no motivation to continue advocating for mental health, but I quickly learned that  just because my own mental health suffers doesn’t mean anyone else’s should. My followers depend on my blog posts, and now my podcast, to cope with their own mental health, that is why I started it all in the first place. I slowly but surely realized that, and made a podcast that I am looking forward to pouring my heart and soul into just like I do my blog. Advocacy is still very important to me, but recovery is not linear, so i went through a bump and I’m getting back on track to continue to healthily cope through all of this. I am so ready to get back to publishing more posts on Road to Recovery, and to start publishing for Mentally. I am excited for what is ahead and in store for both platforms. Linked below is my podcast on multiple platforms! Please do me a favor and go listen, support, and share!

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