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I really value the opinions of my readers, so much. I have taken the past 3 weeks to reflect on my time in a psychiatric hospital recently, and I have my pros and cons. Some pros being the amazing people you get to meet, the treatment you receive, and the reflection you make upon yourself during your stay. Some cons being, your freedom is taken away, you’re isolated from the people you love, and It can be a very scary environment. What I want to hear from you all is what your opinions are on psychiatric (in-patient) hospitals, and if you have ever been admitted into one, and what was your experience? Let me know below in the comments!

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  1. I’ve had more negative than positive experiences in hospital, but a lot of that has come down to the attitudes of treatment providers and an overemphasis on paternalism and control.

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  2. I have been in the psych hospital five times, in four different hospitals. Overall, they were beneficial experiences. Twice I was in a state run place and there were less comforts and activities, but I still got stabilized and was in a safe place. Other places had more therapy and activities for the patients. It was usually two people to a room, sharing a bathroom. The food wasn’t great. Snacks were available in some places but not in others. Overall, I would say they were positive experiences. Not somewhere I prefer to be but somewhere I would go again if I needed to.

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