Lionel Aldridge Champions Award

Hello beautiful people! I hope you guys are doing very well this week, and hope you’re liking the more frequent uploads. I have a favor to ask. You guys know more about me than most, and know I am a heavy advocate for mental health. Not only do I have our blog, my book, the Buddy Project, but I am also on an on-campus organization at my school called, “Cause 4 Conversation”, which focuses on reducing stigma surrounding mental illness on our campus. Needless to say, I take my work in the field of mental health, very seriously. It is a passion of mine to give back, and to help those who struggle exactly as I do. Anyways, there are awards being awarded to honor individuals and organizations for their work in furthering the goals of the NAMI movement, which is improving the lives of those whose lives, or loved one’s lives, are affected by mental illness. I am asking you guys, so humbly to nominate me for the ‘Lionel Aldridge Champions Award’. There are ten other awards being given out, but this one relates to me the most. The Lionel Aldridge Champions Award recognizes an individual living with mental illness who exhibits courage, leadership and service in their work to promote recovery and ensure that all people living with mental illness live full lives in their community, and not to sound conceited, but I am very proud of the work I do, so I would be honored to receive this award because I do, do this, not only for me, but to help you all in your recovery process too. Nominations are due February 16! If you all could do that for me, it would mean the absolute world. Thank y’all in advance! Hugs!



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