5 simple healthy coping mechanisms

This was a requested post by one of my followers to do a post on different coping mechanisms, which I think is a great idea. We all struggle on coping with different situations. Some have healthy mechanisms that work perfectly for them, others, including myself, have either unhealthy coping mechanisms or none. I am going to talk about the coping mechanisms that all of us can use to better out mental health, and hopefully cut out the unhealthy ones.

The first coping mechanism is to focus on one object examine everything about it. This allows your brain to redirect itself from the negative thoughts you are having to focus solely on that object that you see in that very moment. For example, if you are at work thinking about all the stress you have, focus on the pen that is sitting in the pencil and pen holder and examine its shape, color, density, etc. This can be done with anything, anywhere, at any time. The second coping mechanism is focus on your heart rate at that very moment and count its beats per minute. While you are focusing on your heart rate you can learn to control your breathing and calm your self naturally. The faster you notice your rate is, the more you’re likely to do things to slow it down which usually includes something that relaxes you.

The third coping mechanism write down what your feeling at that exact moment. Always carry a sheet of paper and a pen with you. Write the time you’re feeling that specific emotion and write it down. Later that day, or when you get a chance to sit down, reflect on how you’re feeling what happened that made you feel that way. It makes you more self-aware by showing you your reactions to specific events, so you know what to do differently next time. The fourth mechanism is to listen to your favorite feel good song. The song you would turn on if you were in the best mood ever, if you had just won the lottery. Whichever song that is, play it repeatedly to get you out of the funk for the moment. Long enough to get you out of it temporarily so you could finish what you were doing that day. My favorite feel good song is ‘All Night’ by Beyoncé. What is yours?

The fifth and final coping mechanism is to just cry. Crying is usually seen as something sad or negative, but it isn’t. In fact, it is an action of relief. When you cry, endorphins are released in our brains that make us feel better. That is why you feel slightly better when you finish crying. Whether you’re crying about something happy or sad, just do it, and you will feel a little better. Of course, this isn’t every coping mechanism because there are hundreds out there, but these are a few positive ones that I really feel help me, and I know would help some of you.

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